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ברוכים הבאים ל'עזר האמונה

Judaism's Answer is a site dedicated to strengthening Judaism, and providing Jews with answers to questions they have about Judaism and Jewish beliefs.

(לקח טוב נתתי לכם תורתי אל תעזבו. משלי ד:ב)  

A good portion I have given to you, do not forsake my Torah. Proverbs 4:2

If you or a relative is involved in a Christian or Messianic group, or are confused by what missionaries say, contact us.

Challenge for all Messianics and Jewish Christians.   Responses to the Challenge

A Challenge to Dr. Michael Brown (and other missionary organizations).



Analysis of Isaiah 53 Part 2: God's View

Analysis of Isaiah 53 Part 3: Nation's View

Analysis of Isaiah 53 Part 4: Answers to Some Objections

Analysis of Isaiah 53: A Biblical Explanation

The Suffering of the Righteous

The Suffering of Moshiach ben Dovid

What is Midrash 2 - Rashi's View

Josephus and Jesus

Unity of God

Analysis of Isaiah 53 Part 1: Introduction to Isaiah 53

Driver and Neubauer and their distortions of Rabbinic texts

Judaism and a Dying Messiah

Is there a difference between a Gentile and a Jewish Soul?

Articles Analyzing Daniel 9

The Biblical Basis for Rabbinic Authority

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A Chassidic Rabbi Makes A Startling Discovery

Section 1: Articles on Biblical Verses used by missionaries:

    Isaiah 53

        Analysis of Isaiah 53: A Biblical Explanation

    Daniel 9

        Analysis of Issues related to Daniel 9

    Leviticus 17:11

Section 2   Articles about the Rabbis' teachings that relate to missionary claims and attacks:

    Isaiah 53 Articles:

        The Haftorahs and Isaiah 53

        Targum Yonason and Isaiah 53

        Zohar and Isaiah 53

        Saadiah Gaon and Isaiah 53

        Rambam (Maimonides) on Isaiah 53

        Ramban (Nachmonides) on Isaiah 53

        Mysteries of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

        Moshe Ibn Crispin

 Judaism and a Dying Messiah

 Moshiach ben Yosef (Messiah the son of Joseph)

 The Suffering of the Righteous

 The Suffering of Moshiach ben Dovid

 Yoma 39

 Christological Claims for Passover Customs

 Rabbinic Judaism - Oral Law Articles:

        The Oral Law - a paper on what it is, and proofs of it's existence

      The Biblical Basis for Rabbinic Authority

        What is Midrash

        What is Midrash 2 - Rashi's View

        Fair Weights and Measures

Section 3   Lies, Damn Lies, and What the Missionaries Claim the Rabbis Say. Articles dealing with the distortions of the teachings of the Rabbis, that appear in works of missionaries targeting Jews, by authors who claim to be scholars.

    Driver and Neubauer 

    Dr. Michael Brown

    Dr. Arnold Fructenbaum

    Rachmiel Frydland

    Dr. Daniel Gruber

    Risto Santala

    Dr. David Stern

Section 4   Answering Dr. Michael L. Brown's Objections to Judaism. Articles related to Dr Brown and His books.

   A Challenge to Dr. Michael Brown.

   Fair Weights and Measures: An Answer to a Lecture by Dr. Brown

   Response to Dr. Michael Brown's response dealing with atonement for sin with the flour offering.

   Responses to Dr. Michael Brown's books "Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus"

        Volume 1: page 71-73: A distortion of  chronology

        Volume 2: page 113: Was the flour offering mixed with blood?

        Volume 3: page 86-92:  4.18 Daniel 9:24-27 has nothing to do with the Messiah.

        Volume 3: page 92-100: 4.19 Daniel 9:24 was clearly not fulfilled by Jesus

        Volume 3: page 100-111: 4.20/4.21 Chronology of Daniel 9 and 'Two' Messiahs.

        Volume 4: page 284-285: An attempt to fix a distortion of chronology

Section 5   Ecce Homo: A look at the Real Jesus.

    Josephus and Jesus

Section 6  Articles on Torah Hashkofah/Jewish Theology

     Is there a difference between a Gentile and a Jewish Soul?

Section 7   Testimonials of the work that I have done counseling Jewish people involved with other religions over the past few years.

Section 8   Resources: Links to outside resources. These include video (YouTube) websites and books that are of the highest quality.

NOTE: The material on this site is the result of years of original research and is made available as a service to the Jewish community. It may be quoted from, linked to, or used in any material that can further our goals. HOWEVER this material is copyrighted and I ask two things from anyone using this material: 1. Please drop me an email that you wish to use it and how. 2.  Please acknowledge the source of this material.